Q: What can one expect from a reading with you?

A: Expect a session that is honest, clear, ethical, straightforward and compassionate.


Q: Can you utilize all of your abilities and gifts in a single reading?

A: Yes, everything that I do and offer can be integrated seamlessly into any consultation. I am happy to do so.


Q: Will you tell me what to do?

A: I will never “tell” you what to do out of respect for your personal choice, however I will give you my feelings on any given situation, and my honest advise as well.


Q: What if one disagrees with the reading or parts of the reading?

A: Psychic process is mysterious, and does not explain itself. Always take a wait and see approach with the reading, and see in time how my insights and predictions do pan out.


Q: Are there any subjects or questions that are off limits in a reading with you?

A: The only subjects that are off limits are the following: hexes, spells, ways to get even, how to lie and manipulate others, or anything that harms another.


Q: As a client, how much should I say in a reading?

A: You need to offer your first name, date of birth, and the state or country you’re calling from. Beyond that, you should feel free to speak and converse when you want in a manner that is most comfortable for you. There is no rule of thumb as to how much you should or shouldn’t say in a reading with me. Juat let the conversation flow naturally.


Q: Are you 100% accurate?

A: No one is 100% accurate except God. There is no real way to measure accuracy, even though many readers make claims of accuracy. What I feel speaks the strongest to my level of ability and accuracy is the fact that I have been reading for many clients on a regular basis for several years, even decades.


Q: How long does a reading take?
A: There is no rule of thumb for how long a reading should be, however, the longer the consultation, the more details I’m able to share with you.

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