Ken says:

“Jim is the best…he has been part of my life for many many years now. I value and appreciate all of the insight he brings to my life and adds clarity to situations I am going through. I can’t thank him enough…he truly is a gift.”

Client for 20 years

Lourdes says:

“Jim has been reading for me for the past 3 years. I the past I had been in professional therapy for years, sometimes up to 4X’s a week. I wish I would have met Jim sooner, my first year on working with Jim proved to be more fruitful than all the 20 years of therapy combined. His readings, as well as his teachings(if you follow them) work. Listen to what he says and follow his guidance, as it is designed to helping you become the best you can be.”

Client for 10 years

Jim says:

“Jim has for as long as I have known him been a healing force in my life and an inspiration to become the very best person I can be in all aspects of life. It’s a real joy to know Jim and always a pleasure to discuss life and spirit. He’s a healer of rare talent.”

Client for 1 year

Joanne says:

“Jim has helped me to find the good qualities in me. Jim has helped me to be a better person.”

Client for 10 years

GT says:

“Jim’s gifts never cease to amaze me! His ability to describe the people and situations in my life is astounding! My life would never be what is is today had it not been for Jim. He is so honest, so accurate and so caring and so unbelievably gifted! He is the most versatile reader I have ever seen.”

Client for 35 years

Bob says:

“I am so glad to have, by accident, found Jim. Since the early 1990’s I have been relying on Jim to talk to and for guidance on many issues, and have never been let down. Sometimes when I am told something, I think, no, that can’t be possible, but sure enought Jim is right. Thank you Jim.”

Client for 13 years

Vivian says:

“Jim’s the best! Jim has been an advisor of mine for many years. His insights and advise are priceless!”

Client for 5 years

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