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In the beginning of a reading, I always request your first name, date of birth, and the state or country you are calling from. This information establishes your very unique one of a kind vibration and gives me your complete energy. I then simply ask if you have a topic, question, or area of concern, as a courtesy to you, the client. From there, the insights begin to flow, quickly, clearly, and decisively. As all spiritual information comes directly to me through divine mind and your vibrational energy, I have access to anyone and anything connected to you, past, present and future!

I possess gifts that are highly multi-faceted, including an extensive metaphysical and spiritual background. Any and all of the following services and areas of focus can be included and utilized in your reading:


The centerpiece of my consultations is my pure clairvoyance, which comes from the higher divine mind within. As soon as I am in your energies, I immediately start picking up psychically. Everything I sense, feel, see, and hear comes to me without linear process or any step by step explanation. For me, when doing a reading, things just are, and everything quickly comes to me, as I am outside of time and space. I am also able to flow seamlessly from topic to topic in any way you choose. I have never been a reader who tells you what you went to hear and I never will. You can always count on my clairvoyance to give you a spiritually higher perspective that is truthful, uncompromising and clear.

Love, Relationships & Soul Mates

Will it work out? When will I meet somebody? What do I have to do to meet my soul mate? How do I need to heal the past to attract the right partner? When is someone special coming for me? How does this person feel about me? Are they cheating? What kind of a person am I involved with? Are they coming back or should I move on? These questions, along with a multitude of love and relationship insights are offered in any reading with me.

As “love and relationships” is one of the primary reasons anyone consults with a reader, I have made tens of thousands of accurate relationship predictions, and helped tens of thousands manifest their dreams. I can offer explanations as to the real meaning of a “soul mate,” and share insights regarding who your soul mate is, as well as the complexities that may come with your soul mate relationship.

Even though I can sense what you’re feeling, I never just recycle your feelings back to you. That is a lower form of psychic ability called telepathy, the ability to sense what you’re feeling. I look to my higher clairvoyance to offer truthful and clear insight. I am absolutely a reader who will never tell you only what you want to hear. Not only is my integrity at stake, but I would never compromise my gifts to accommodate what you emotionally or from an ego point of view want to hear.

Career, Co-Workers & Finance

I can tell you how your boss and co workers feel about you. Are their intentions supportive or adversarial? How will your career progress, regarding promotions, termination, new job opportunities, and what career options are coming up? What are your highest and greatest possibilities in your career? I can predict mundane money matters, and offer insight into practical financial questions, but most importantly, I understand the laws of prosperity, and can aid you in achieving your divine prosperity.

Family & Friends

Through your vibrational energy, I am able pick up, see, and feel your family & friends. I can offer insights and predictions as to how they will impact your life. I can also tell you about their individual journeys, and read for them even though they’re not physically present in the reading. With this gift, in a single consultation, you can receive information regarding as many people as you wish.

Spirit Mediumship

This is one my most cherished gifts. Most readers are either clairvoyant, or a medium, and I so honored to have the unique ability to do both. In mediumship, I usually ask you to sit back and not talk, allow me to simply listen and receive messages from the other side. I am able to connect with spirit for a long period of time if needed, and receive valuable information for your highest good.

Messages from Transitioned Loved Ones and Spiritual Teachers

As a spirit medium, I have seem time and time again how messages from the other side can be life altering. I have myself been amazed at the pertinence and relevance of the messages I’ve received. Sometimes the truth of these messages is not apparent at the time, but in time, the truth of these messages becomes revealed and has been startling to both my clients and me. These messages are usually not a question and answer format with you, but simply stated messages from the either loved ones or master spiritual guides. It is so important for you to no talk or interrupt while these messages are being received, so the divine flow is not broken or compromised. Their words are chosen very specifically, as they have a higher understanding of exactly how to communicate with and aid you.

Dream Interpretation

I can decipher, decode, and interpret your dreams. Dreams can be looked at in many different ways, and I am able to offer clarity and insight as to the universal, and personal meaning of your dreams.

Personalized Affirmations

I am able to use my clairvoyance and my skill in creating affirmations for over thirty years to create affirmations which specifically are designed to help you.

Candle Self-Instruction

I can give you the simple guidelines and instructions on the value and purpose of candle burning. You will burn your own candles, and there are no hidden costs or additional charges for this added tool.

Mind, Body & Soul Healing

Often a problem in one area of your life results from issues that stem from another area that may seem unrelated. I love to connect the dots, so to speak, and see the correlation between the mind, body, and soul, to offer the complete overall healing we all seek.

Healing Past & Present Emotional Issues

I have been told by the majority of my clients that my consultations have done more to help them heal then years, even decades of conventional therapy. I have always had a keen insight into the deep complexities of the human experience, and through over thirty years of readings, these skills keep growing ever sharper and refined.

Past Lives, Reincarnation & Karma

What we have done in our past lives is instrumental to where we are at today. Understanding the karma we have created, how to resolve this karma can help to set us free. I can often see various past lives you’ve lead, and connect these former lifetimes with your current lifetime, as we carry patterns, tendencies, gifts, choices and karma over from prior lifetimes.

Spiritual Laws of the Universe

I always try to offer an understating of the universal laws that govern all of us. These laws don’t change based on any of our individual experiences or emotional desires. It’s so important to understand and respect these laws, which show us how to work and prosper within the bigger framework that is eternal.

Life Lessons

Certain lessons can affect one’s entire lifetime. These lessons don’t have a clear cut beginning or ending point. They are spiritual in nature, and must be worked on and learned. These lessons are often deciding factors of how we do indeed advance throughout our lifetime. Often, you will need to learn a life lesson in order to achieve your dreams and manifest your goals. I will be able to assist you in identifying, and learning a life lesson or life lessons that are needed in order to progress.

Spiritual Awareness & Direction

Am I on the right path? What’s my karma? What’s my dharma? What am I here to learn? I can answer these questions, and show you how these questions are not isolated, lofty, spiritual matters, but tie into all areas of your everyday life and experience.

Awareness of the Other Side

What is it existence like on the other side, for our loved ones who have transitioned? I can offer insights as to what your loved ones on the other side are doing, where they’re at in their journey spiritually, and how they are evolving. I can also offer insights as to many of the realities, options, and experiences that exist on the other side.


I began studying astrology at the age of 16, and studied with four master astrologers, some of whom were internationally recognized. Since it is more cost effective and time efficient to use my clairvoyance, I augment my readings with astrology when requested or necessary. I can offer added insight through observing the planetary positions of a person’s date of birth.

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